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Vanishing Frogs The Strange

For some "strange" reason, frog numbers all around the world are on the decline. No one can explain this problem, and the scientists around the world can only guess.  One thing is for certain, there are much less frogs in the world than there should be.  The amount of missing frogs is very alarming.  Further, they are finding many frogs with deformities such as frogs with three or more legs.

We do know this much:  Frogs are very fragile creatures that depend on their sensitive skin for survival.  Their skin acts like a sponge, soaking up water and everything else that's in the water.  When anything goes wrong with their environment, the frogs cannot live. Many scientists believe that the cause is either a rise in toxic substances from industrial waste, or a rise in UV rays caused by the diminishing ozone layer.

So, the next time you think about dumping that can of paint thinner down the drain, Think for a moment about the vanishing frogs.

A letter was sent in that sites further reference of the vanishing deformed frogs.
The letter reads as follows.

Dear Mr. McMahon,

Hyperion, the publishing unit of ABC, has just published an important
new book called A PLAGUE OF FROGS by William Souder.  Souder, a
journalist, has followed the mystery of the widespread deformities in
frogs since they were first discovered in 1995; now he shows us, up
close, the urgent--and unresolved--search for a cause.  Souder
realizes that the frogs' decline may be a harbinger of things to
come.  "So consider the frog," he writes.   "The frog has sensed a
change, a displacement in the order of life as we know it.  We may be
responsible, at least in part, for causing this change.  And we may
be the next to feel it.  The frog is telling us something.  Will we

We at Hyperion believe that A PLAGUE OF FROGS will be of great
interest to you and to visitors to the deformed-frog section of your
site The Strange. Therefore, we  would like to send you a free copy
so you can see if you agree with us.  If you do find it of interest,
we ask that you list the book as a resource for deformed-frog
information, review the book if you like, and/or add a link to our
( UPDATE:  This website is long gone but exists in the archive ) to your frogs.html
page along with the link to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's
frogs information.  (A neat banner graphic for your use is attached
to this message, and we've provided some sample text links below as

If you'd like a copy of A PLAGUE OF FROGS, please reply to with the following information:

--Your site's name

--Your site's URL

--Your name and e-mail address

--Your postal mail address, so we can send you the book

--The URL of the page of your site where the book would be mentioned
if you decide to add it

And if you know of other frog site maintainers who would be
interested in this book as well, feel free to pass this message
along.  We will be happy to provide a free book to those whose sites
are sufficiently related to A PLAGUE OF FROG's subject matter (at
least until our book supply runs out--numbers are limited).

Thanks for your time!  We hope you find the book as fascinating as we
do.  Here's just one  quote about the book, from the Washington Post:
Bill McKibben, author of THE END OF NATURE, calls A PLAGUE OF FROGS
"a revealing and important book," and says of Souder "he's done a
remarkably sober and meticulous job of following a story that's been
misreported in almost every newspaper and on every TV station in the

We hope you agree that visitors to your site need to know about this
important book!

Sample text links:

Find out more about  A Plague of Frogs  by William Souder --excerpts, deformed-frog facts, pictures of deformed frogs, and an interview with the author can all be found on the Hyperion Web site.

A Plague of Frogs: The Horrifying True Story by William Souder.  UPDATE: The Hyperion website is long gone but you can still buy this book on Amazon after 28 years!  WOW!

April 2000)
UPDATE: This website is long gone but is archived   But the book is still available on Amazon after 28 years!

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ( UPDATE: This web page is long dead but lives in the archive ) is invoved in seeking out answers to the vanishing and deformed frogs, and to set about to creat solutions to the problem. There you will find lots of information as well as a bounty of amphibian related links.

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