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This ghost story was sent to us by ZenCyn (My personal dream interpreter.)
ZenCyn or "Cyndi" has written two articles for The Strange.  The first is: Lucid Dreams,
the other is Dream Interpretation, in which she interprets my strange dream.
ZenCyn has also helped out with The Strange in other ways and we are very grateful.

Here is her story.....and we believe it !
This happened about hmmm...5 years ago, maybe 4.  I had driven to visit my grandmother's grave and put new silk flowers on it, and was driving out.  I don't find these places freaky, and was just glancing around as I drove towards the exit.  I looked towards the right, saw a girl of around 9 years old walking through the cemetery, glanced back towards the road, then in that same instant was thinking, "What's a little girl doing out here alone..." and looked back to see if I somehow missed an adult nearby.  Just that quick, she was gone.  Then I realized that she had been oddly dressed...remember when we were kids, and on Easter Sunday our parents would deck us out in our sunday best?  (at least, mine did)  As girls, we had to wear those easter bonnets and carry wicker purses, and wear white patent leather shoes, etc.  This is how the little girl was a blue flowered dress, an easter bonnet with a ribbon, and she was carrying a white wicker purse.
Clothes from the past.  I also realized that even though I could make out everything that she was wearing, she was...transparent.
She was simply walking towards the east, is all.  Nothing more.  But now she was gone.
I stopped the car, got out and looked around...and saw that there was at least a 7 foot high wooden fence, and decided that she must have ducked out, here; thinking there was a break in the fence somewhere, especially where it joined a chained-link fence.  I was concerned for her safety, being alone, and wanted to make sure she wasn't alone wandering around.  I looked closer...and saw that there a 10 foot tall chain-linked fence with barbed wire on the top...and walking closer, I saw that there were no breaks in the fences anywhere, period.  They were firmly up against each other, and there was no gate.  I was really puzzled, looked around....and found that I was standing in the middle of the children's burial ground.  I had never exited the cemetery this way before, always taking a different route that was easier to leave by.  This time I decided to do something different, and left this different way.
I realized that there was no other explanation, try as I might to come up with one, other than I had seen a ghost, or hallucinated.  I have never hallucinated,  so I believe I saw a ghost.  There was nowhere for her to have gone in that quick blink of an eye moment it took for me to glance over, realize she was alone-glance back, and discover she was gone.  It was wide-open space, and she had been in the middle, nowhere near the fence, even.
It still amazes me, to this day.  I still try to reason it away, but I thoroughly looked for any possible way for her to suddenly run off from view within 2-3 seconds, but there simply wasn't any explanation.  "Believe it......or not!"
- - Cyndi - - 

This ghost story was sent to us by Mario Elizalde.
One night I stayed up late. Then I fell asleep in the living room. I started to hear some laughing, but I thought it was from outside, so I fell back to sleep. Then I felt something touch my ear. I jumped up, and turned my head, and I saw this figure that looked like a little girl. She ran away laughing, and I was so scared that I couldn't even scream. Now when I sit in the living room at nights by myself I can here someone calling my name. 

This ghost story was sent to us by Matt M.
One night after a baseball game I took a bath. Since I had a headache  I put a wet, small towel over my forehead. Then I started to fall asleep and didn't catch myself. Then about a couple minutes later (I guess) I felt a tap on my forehead (where the towel was). It woke me up and I  looked around to see if anyone was in the room with me but no one was. I didn't think anything of it and just said to myself it was a drop of  water or something and quickly got comfortable again. Then the second
time I dosed off I heard a small quiet voice say my name and for some reason it woke me up.  I looked around again and saw no one, but this time I started to get suspicious, but didn't take it to seriously. Then the third and final time I felt a tap on my forehead (a harder one) and heard the same voice say my again name but louder. I looked up as quickly as possible and see a figure that resembled my grandmother, who passed away about a year prior to the incident, quickly disappear.  

This is sent in by Britta Olson from Spokane, Washington
( I think that instead of a ghost, it may have been an angel. )
Last year I was just learning how to snowboard.  I was half way down the mountain and I stopped to rest.  I was sitting down near a grove of trees.  There were a few expert boarders on this diamond slope, but other than that I was alone.  I wasn't wearing my gloves and my hands started to get cold so I started going through my pockets looking for them.  As soon as I looked down I heard someone whispering.  I looked around and I didn't see anyone.  I kept looking for my gloves.  I heard it again , a little louder this time.  I couldn't tell what it was saying but I looked around again, I still saw nothing.  I found my gloves and then I heard a definate shout, "GET UP AND MOVE AWAY FROM WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!!!"  I was really scared but I got up.  I moved down to the bottom of the grove and there I looked back.  I heard a loud CRACK and a huge branch fell out of one of the trees.  If I hadn't moved, it would have landed on me.  That voice probably saved my life. 

THis ghost story was sent in from Robin Davidson:
Strange things have always happened in my parents home. When I was small, I was playing with my mother, and she stepped out of the room for a second, and in a split second I was screaming.  Somehow I got stuck in my toy sink.  She has no idea how I did it to this day.
Sometimes you see a dark movement from the corner of your eye, everyone that comes over sees it. The dogs go crazy at times and just stare at the room and the ceiling. We got weird sounds and still to this day I am terrified of my parents basement. We tried a house blessing and nothing seems to work .  They tried selling the house before but no one wants to buy it.  So many weird things happened in the area, like, the house next door.  The first women that lived there, both her husbands died weird deaths.  She went bankrupt, the next owner, she went bankrupt also, and her son tried to kill her. The next owner, her husband died in a motorcycle crash. There was a triple murder behind the one neighbors house.  One house burned down twice, the next one, the father ran over his sons head and killed him. The list goes on and on and this is just like the size of one city block.  I think the neighborhood is cursed.

This story was sent in by Raven.
When I was a small child I lived in an old house. The house was well
over a hundred years old and had originally belonged to a farmer who had
owned all the land for miles.Anyhow,I clearly recall two separate ghosts
living in this house.There was one that I only saw at night time.It was
always in the closet at the end of the hall.I could see a hazy floating
being through the glass closet doors.I remember always running past that
closet due to the fear that it might try to grab me. It never left that
closet.It went away one day shortly after my grandmother died.That was
wghen I realized that the ghost had been my grandfather watching over us
and waiting for my granndmother to join him in the great beyond.
 The other ghost I can still clearly see in my mind.I believe that he
was the original owner of the house.He was always out on the property.I
would look out the window and see him.Sometimes it appeared that he was
waving at me.He'd tip his hat and smile.I recall telling my family about
him they just laughed and said that I was being a kid.At night I
sometimes heard noises in the attic.As though someone were living up
there and walking around.My aunt and uncle live there now.When visiting
I still hear movement in places that no living being is in.
 I do have other incidents to tell but I shall save those for another

Sent by Julie Nash of Sydney, Australia.
 It all started about 15 years ago.My grandmother had been ill  for a
few weeks and my dad and i would go to see her each afternoon to take
her little dog for a walk.We arrived one afternoon and a strange mood
could be felt around the house,we knocked on the door and no answer. A
voice was telling me to go into the house thru the garage. As i opened
the door to the backyard,I could see her laying on the grass under the
washing line.She had pasased away some hours before.I couldnt bring
myself to go to the funeral,which was probably why she came back to
visit later.Acouple of weeks later,My mum and i were watching tv,we had
a picture of my grandma on the tv,it flung itself halfway across the
lounge,landing on the floor upside down.Mum said dont worry its just
grandma.This hapened twice more until,one night my awoke to find my
grandma standing over her bed.Grandma was smiling,as if to say she was
okay.Nothing happended after that visit,im sure that was her way of
saying goodbye.

Sender was not named.
I was at a camp one summer in a rustic place in Vermont.  One night, I
woke up suddenly, and, over by the door, I saw a woman dressed in an
oldfashioned dress like one you would picture in a 1940's country movie.  I
blinked my eyes and the figure was gone.  Thinking nothing of it, I went back
to sleep.
    The next night, I was awoken abruptly by screaming.  The lights of the
cabin were flashed on.  Another girl in my cabin was screaming and crying.
After she finally calmed down, we asked her why she was so upset.  Her answer
was that she saw a ghost, fitting the description of the one I saw, sitting
on my bed.

  This story was send in from Dee.
I have always kept an open mind about the un-explained.  It is hard
not to believe in ghosts and other such things when one has had contact
with too many people/friends that have experienced strange occurances.
How can you discount it?  I have had only a few such experiences that
seem to have centered around my daughter at the age of three through
four years.  They are not that incredible, but I cannot explain them
    The first of the incidents were merely simple reports by my daughter
in the middle of the night.  She would come into our bed room holding
her right finger.  Whimpering softly she would say " mommy, that lamb
bit my finger again.  This hapened about three times.  I asked her how
big it was, and she made a gesture that suggested that it was about two
inches tall.  She explained that it was white and had black eyes.  It
did not seem to scare her, but was very annoying to her.  After each
report, she would climb the stairs back to her little bedroom
fearlessly-she insisted that she did not need me to tuck her back in,
she just wanted to tell me what happened.  There was never any blood on
her finger, or even a blemish.  I just assumed that she was having a
re-occurring dream.
    Not long after the last of the lamb incidents, I heard my daughter
crying in her room.  I went upstairs to check on her.  The room was dark
and there were only two windows, one at each end of the room, allowing
minimal light inside from the street lamps.  The head of her bed was
against one of the windows.  Our little dog, Wrecks, had been sleeping
with her.  He brushed my leg on his way downstairs to get a drink.  I
watched him go down about three steps before I turned my attention to my
crying daughter.    I stood at the top of the stairs facing her bed.  A
large, black "thing" rose from the bed and made a loud " BANG" as it hit
the floor.  I turned on the lamp next to her bed and began searching for
what had fallen on the floor.  There was nothing.  Infact, there was
nothing heavy enough in her room to have made such a loud sound.  I
looked at my daughter and found that she had been sleeping quite
peacefully.  Her cheeks were dry and showed no sign of tears.
    This next little incident happened about eight months later.  Her
dad and I were watching a movie in the living room, which is just
beneath my daughter's little loft bedroom.  After the movie ended, my
husband and I turned off the TV and just laid on the floor in the
dark-listening to the silence.  Then a voice was heard in the little
upstairs room.  The best way I can describe the voice is a low, rather
feminine, warm voice.  Whatever the unknown person was saying to my
daughgter, she was replying.  I could not make out any of the words that
ither of them were saying, but it was definately a conversation.  My
husband heard it as well.  I went upstairs to find my daughter sleeping
peacefully once again.  I don't know.
    The last incident was the testimony of a friend.  I had a tanning
bed in my old house.  I had a special room for it in the back of the
garage with a separate entrace from the back.  Just above the roof of
the garage was my daughters bedroom window.  My freind said that the
door to the tanning room was locked, so she waited, alone in the night,
thinking someone else was inside.  Then she heard voices from my
daughters window.  She looked up to find the window open.  The voices
were reported to be loud and obnoxious, but she could not make out what
they were saying ( once again).  Then, the window slammed shut.  One
might think that we were really rude people leaving a friend standing
outside in the dark and then slamming a window-shutting her out.  We
would have been... if we had been home.  We were not.
    I am a rational person, but these incidents did not fit into my
logic.  I am conducting some research for myself on ghosts and the
people that they haunt.  Like everyone else, I am looking for answers,
and to understand why they are here.  I am enjoying reading the
experiences of others, wether they are true or not, and would love to
have my e-mail posted so that anyone who wishes to share stories with me
on a one-on- one basis may do so.  I am a Social Work student at TWU,
therefore, my main focus is the effects these experiences have on the
people who experience them-not just the ghosts themselves ( though I am
interested in that, too).   --Thank you,

"Voices In the Basement",  sent in by Jody.
One night I was in my bed drifting off to sleep. You should probably
know that my bedroom is in the basement and at times can be very scary!
Anyway, I'm drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden I hear this
wispery voice say "jodi!" but it was slow and drawn out.  I thought maybe
it was just my imagination.  Then in a angry louder voice I heard it say
"FINE! Don't talk to me!!" I was so scared I threw the blanket over my
head and screamed out "go away!"  I've never heard any thing else.

This ghost story was sent in by Veres.
One night while my whole family was sleeping there was a knock at the door, my dad went down and answered the door.  There was nobody there.  He then went back up to bed and went to sleep.  The next day we found out that the guy who use to live in our house had died.  It was like he
wanted to come back and stay in our house forever.  We also found out that his old bedroom was now my bedroom. Years later while I was sleeping, I had suddenly woke up.  I heard
creaking in my house and got a little bit scared.  A few minutes later I saw a man in a red and black plaid shirt looking at me in my bed and then seconds later walked out of my room.  I was very frightened and didn't fall asleep the rest of the night, only to hear him walking around the house.

This Story was sent in by Billy
It's a long one, but I swear it's true. Hope you like it.
Before telling the story you must know two things: my parents work night
shift, thus I was always alone at night, and my grandmother died a year
prior to the event.
I was having one of those strange dreams where your half in and out of
sleep. In the dream I was walking around in my high school, when all of the
sudden, the dream quickly shifted its course and I found myself standing
next to my bed watching myself sleep. My grandmother was there too, and she
warned me that I should wake up. I was confused and while pausing from my
disorientation, she again urged me to wake up. I wasn't looking at her as
she spoke, but when I finally turned towards her to ask why, she scolded me
and said that I'd be late for school. The thought of being late for school
was enough to jolt me awake.  I sat up, looked at the clock and promptly
noted that I was up early and could return to sleep. As I laid down, my door
creeked open a bit, and I distincly heard my grandmother say "Billy!, get up
now!... there's trouble!..."  I could feel the blood in my body pause as my
heart missed a beat. I froze. I've always believed that one could
communicate from beyond, so I quickly rationalized that there was indeed the
possibility of danger. I lept out of bed and quickly went towards our back
door. Again I heard her panicked voice in the distance say, "Get out!".. I
saw no sign of fire or other menace, but I ran outside anyways. At this
point in time I heard a vehicle enter our driveway and I hid in the garage.
I watched carefully as a strange man with a shotgun got out of the truck
that had just arrived. He peered into our windows and tried the doors--which
somehow were now locked-- Not finding entry he reached into the bed of his
pickup truck and pulled out a strange sign.(I'll get to that in a minute) he
hoped back into his truck and left. Thankful that he was gone I went to
check the doors fearing that I may have unknowingly locked myself out. To my
suprise(and relief) the doors were unlocked! I went back in, locked the
doors, and waited for my folks to get home.
My mother explained that she had the sign custom made for a friend, but it
was stolen shortly after she gave it to her. (It was a cute
sign that marked a private lane that her friend lived on) Anyways, my mother
had seen the sign once while driving through "the bad part of town," and she
stopped and ask the guy that stole it to return it.
It was this arms bearing person that tried to enter our house without
forcing entry.
I know that somewhere my grandmother watches over me. I'll always be
thankful that she got me out of the house, in case he had come inside and
hurt me in some way. I love you grammy.
PS: my spelling is atrowshus, and my grammer ain't much better. ;)

This cool cat story was sent in by Ed Bruski
Hello, My Name is Ed Bruski from Pasadena, Ca. and here is my story
   My siamese cat "Kimshe" still sleeps with me after his death believe it or not.
I raised Kimshe since he was a kitten and have owned him for 15 years. He died of complications to his liver and pancreas. Well about  half a year after his death as I was waking up one morning I kept
getting tilkled on my chin, I opened my eyes and saw Kimshe playing his wake up game with me where he would put his paw on my chin to wake me up. I was so happy because I never believed animals had souls and could come back from death.
Only twice has he been back. Always cradled against my arm, once sleeping once staring into my eyes, and then he instantly disapears. I've learned from this experience that the bond between life and death is still very real and very strong.

This story was sent in by Justin.
There have been many legends about my house being haunted i never believed them until one day i was maessing wth my karoake machine and i set my microphone down..when i came back in the room i heard orgons playing and scary violi noised i looked all around the house and no stero was and not t.v was on.i heard moaning voices and the next day we had a guy check unde the house and he told us we were crazy because their was a big 7 feet hole dug under our house .we are not sure what was under there..but the next night i saw a black shadow in the corner of my room i got a cross and pointed it at to see if it would work and it just went away as if it were just a shdaow but
i am thinking the there could be devilish things going on.

This Story was sent in by Linda.
My family used to live in a very small house in a quiet neighborhood. I
remember the way the house was set-up: my parents' room, my room, and
then the bathroom. Well, every once in awhile, when my parents were
watching TV in the living room, they would see a dark figure, walking
through the hallway out of my parents' room, past my room, and into the
bathroom. They say they only saw the figure about 10 times, but they
were convinced that it looked like a small child. It wasn't a shadow; it
looked 3-D. They never really told anybody about it because my parents
were never ones to beleive in ghosts. But then one night, my dad's
friend and my dad were playing video games, and my dad's friend said
"Hey, the kid's up." My dad said "No, she isn't" and came into my room
where I was sound asleep. My dad's friend said he saw me, or a small
child walking around, but it wasn't me. Then, once when my aunt was
house-sitting for us all alone, she saw it. She said it looked like a
little child, but once she glanced up, it was gone. It scared her real
bad. Nobody ever saw it long enough to tell what it was, or what it
looked like. Plus, it was a dark hallway, with one tiny light. But it
happened in the day, too, when the light wasn't on, so it wasn't just a
shadow. To this day, our old neighbors tell us that the people that move
in and out of that house ask questions about the history and if anything
strange has ever happened there. Maybe they have seen it, too.....

This short but sweet account was sent in by Advil......Advil?
Me and my girlfriend, Lysondra, are currently beeing tormented by ghosts....her door opens itself......chairs slide away when she tries to sit on, horror music, plays in bursts every now and then....screams from nowhere..........I feel insecure for no reason......most occurings happen to HER .........BUT feeling insecure........right now......bye

This scary bus story was sent in by Shunasassi.
( City buses scare me enough without the ghosts! "JMc" )
I seem to be one of those people that seems to be in the right place at the right time. I've lived in 2 houses that were haunted (one that wasn't so bad just strange, and one that was just plain awful), so I think I have seen it all right? Wrong.  Last fall, on one of those warm last-days-of-the-season evenings, after I got off work (at 11pm) I decided to go sit at the transit mall and wait for the bus. When I got there, there was no one there. This was a sunday so anyone else with sense was already home. I have a half hour to wait, so I pull out a book and settle in.
Around 11:15 my bus pulls in, which is real unusual because they can get fined for being early or late so they try real hard to be on time. The driver stops the bus and pops out of there like he's being poked with an electric cattle-prod. He comes over asking if I will step onto the bus and see if I can smell something. Now this driver and I have known each other casually for several years now, so I climb on, and sure enough, I can smell something icky-sweet, like rotting meat, but it is really light. You can just make it out.
When I told him, he launched into the wierdest story I have yet to hear.
I live in a river valley, and the bus services lots of little towns that are crammed together along both sides of this valley. This bus came from a small town called Cabin Creek, through two more small towns and into Charleston where I was. He said that when he left Cabin Creek, he had two passengers, and just outside of the town he stopped for another. He said that something about this guy just set his hair on end, even though he looked fine, acted fine, all that stuff.  They got about another four miles when the smell started.
He said that it was so bad that passengers were complaining, and opening windows. This included the "scary"guy. By the time they got to Kanawha City, about 20 minutes later, it was bad enough to make your eyes water.  One by one, all the passengers, including Mr "Scary" got off, but the smell stayed. Well, my driver decided that he would turn off all the interior lights, open all the windows that weren't already open, and cruise into Charleston. He only had about 6 blocks to go before the
bridge that he had to cross to get into Charleston, and maybe another 6 after that to get to the transit mall.
He only got four of those blocks when the bell that signals the driver to stop went off.  Without thinking he pulled up and stopped opening the doors. But no one got off, because no one was on the bus.
Well he was already freaked by the smell that he could not find a reason for (he said that when he opened the windows he looked for anything, someone might have left that would explain it), so he closed the doors and took off.
Guess what guys, the smell then faded to the barely detectable trace that was still present on the bus ten or so blocks later. My bus driver, and frankly myself, think that he gave a ride to a ghost-one that got on with that man, and stayed on until it's stop.

This story was sent in by charlotte.
    Okay at my slumber party we had a sceanse and this one candle was burning and the wax drips clearly spelled B J L  we all were freaked and left care fully blowing out all the candles. The next morning one new candle had completly burned down. and there was some wax drops on the door knob. Now I am seeing shadows in the room of the ghost call and every other night I wake up in a cold sweat at exatly 12:09 am. that is about when we left the room. once my friend passed out in the room that the sceanse took place and woke not remembering my party. I dont know what to do.
 This is a true story

These ghost stories were sent in my Michael.
Where should I begin?  I'm not quite sure.  Well, first I guess I should
introduce myself.  My name is Michael and I'm 17 years old.  I currently live
in Greensboro, NC with my 3 younger brothers, Steven (14), Danny (11), and
Anthony (9).  We live with our parents Ray and Carol.
    I grew up living in Long Island, NY until the age of 14.  From birth to
the age of 9 I lived in Amityville, NY.  Now that name might sound familiar
to you...It should.  Back in around 1975 or '77 a young man murdered his
family in a house in Northern Amityville (my brother Steven's best friend at
that time lived 2 houses down).  I was familiar with this house and quite
frankly each time I would go with my dad to pick up my brother there, I was
terrified.  But all of this that I've just written is just a background for
the stories and events that take place growing up...I guess I will mark each
story with an *...
*Steven and I shared a room in the Amityville house, it was a refurnished
attic.  I remember that room perfectly: walking up the twisting carpeted
stairs you'd first see my bed to the right, Steven's to the left, and the
chimney going right through the center of the room.  One night my brother and
I were getting ready for bed, our parents had just "tucked us in."  We shut
off the light and got in bed.  But through our window in the house next door
we saw a strange light in the neighbor's attic.  We saw groups of shadows and
dark figures (the houses were close together).  This freaked me and my
brother out.  We asked the neighbors about it, who my family was close to and
they said they had no idea what we were seeing.  They thought we were kidding
because they told us they're attic was boarded up and locked for safety
reasons.  We saw this light and the group of dark figures on and off, but
never until after 11:37...I remember exactly.
*We had (actually still do) this old painting of an old man bowing his head
praying.  In the Amityville house it was hung in the center of the living
room.  One night I was watching TV by myself and out of the corner of my eye,
the man looks up at me and smile's this satanic grin which sent me crying to
my mom.  This happened not only to me, but to Steven. Who at the time was
only 6!
*Our TV would flash on and off, and like in your accounts, it was old and
couldn't be controlled by remote control.  But it would never receive any
channels when it did this, just snow...
*We had my dad's old Tandy 1000 computer in our room.  He typed on it often
and let us play game.  On night it awoke me and Steven by  plain the song
"Camptown Races" on its internal speaker while flashing pictures of animated
clowns on the screen...
~~~That is all I can remember from the Amityville house.  When I was about 9
we moved to Farmingville, NY, also on Long Island only 30 minutes away....
*every night in my rooms I would hear a metal ball being dropped from inside
of my walls.  Its hard to describe...a clank, clank sound...
*every night I would hear footsteps outside of my door and in the hallway
outside of my door.  Nobody believed until one night my mom slept in my room
with me to try and calm me down and she heard them too.
*Danny would say that some nights he would see a woman in a red robe walking
in his room.  He always thought it was my mom, but she would always say it
was his imagination...besides, she didnt own a red robe...her's were all
white.  Everyone ignored him until one day, our babysitter Danielle,who lived
in our neighborhood and stayed out late at night with rest of the teenagers
in the neighborhood (let me explain...They would all meet up and talk and
walk around all the houses.  I know, cause i always wanted to go w/them, but
was too young) asked my mom "Carol.  What were you doing last night at 2 in
the morning walking in danny and anthony's room??" (they had 2 large windows
looking out of the front of the house).   My mom was confused and asked her
to explain what she saw.  Danielle told us she saw a figure with a candle
walking around there a red robe...
*i bought a clown mask (i was obssesed with clowns, even though they were my
worst fear...weird, huh?  that all started after seeing the movie IT, but
thats a whole other thing) for Halloween one year.  This thing was gruesome,
like one of the clowns from Killer Klowns From Outer Space (the movie).  I
would put in on my floor face down at night and somehow each morning it was
on the foot of my bed facing me.  I'd even put it in my closet, but same the mornings, there IT was smiling at me from the foot of my
bed...Odd, we never found the mask when we moved to NC...
*I had a statue of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. I kept it in my closet for
some reason.   One day I came in to my room to find statue broken.  Only it
was missing the head of baby Jesus.  I never could find the head, even when I
would do major cleanings to my room.
This true ghost story was sent in by Perry.
Well I have always been a big fan of the paranormal, were ever I go strange things seem to follow. However things took a definite dive once I moved here. First off you have to know my odd history with this stuff. Like when I was 19, I was going through my great grandma's stuff looking for a book to read and I found a book of spells. Well,  me and my friends cast one and it has had quite the outcome.  Now for some reason if there is a ghost were I am it finds me. The first day in my new house my friend had come up to help me and my parents move in.  Well we had gone to sleep, in fact everyone had. It was totally quiet and we live in the mountains so there is not much noise at night anyways, when for a weird reason I just woke up. Then as if out of nowhere I heard a child's voice the voice was that of a little girl.  She was humming a tune that I had seen in an old movie. It was a cowboys & Indians type thing. I had remembered that the indian woman singing it over her husbands grave.  A solider came up and asked what she was doing. she said singing her grief and then ran. this really freaked me out so I did some research and found out that the canyon our house was built in was an indian burial ground. Weird things have been happening ever since. You do the math.

This story was sent in Melissa.
Last Sunday my family moved into a old house.  It was quite big.  We stayed there for one night.  Well, when I was sleeping I heard someone calling my name.  First I thought it was my mum but it wasn't.  So I woke up and saw ghosts who were sitting on the stools and drinking.  I said hello but they didn't say anything.  I said what are you doing here?  They got very annoyed with me so they disappeared.  It was creepy but luckily we stayed there for one night.

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