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October, 2000
Yes, just pull up a log and get out a stick and a marshmallow and we'll sit here around the cyber campfire and exchange scary ghost stories!

If you have any ghost stories that you would like to share, send them in, and we'll post them here at The Strange!
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This strange ghost story was sent in by Candor.

First off, let me say that I am now 34 years old. This all happened when I was young
between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. There may be a few things that I can't recall or
recall loosely but I assure you that this is all 100% true. I am to this day STILL skeptical
about what really did happen and of the mind that there is always an explanation for
things. I have yet to discover one. I also have neglected to tell most people about this for
fear of being chastised and made fun of as most people tend NOT to believe any of this:
When I was a young child around 5 years old, I lived in a house that was built by my great
grandfather whom I or my mother had never met. To the best of my knowledge and her's,
she has never seen a picture of this man either.  The house that we lived in was a 3
story house. The top story was where my current grandfather (who is still alive to this
day) lived. He frequently spent his weekends away from the house in a camp that he
owned. The third story was our basement. And although nothing unusual ever happened
there that I can think of, I was deathly afraid of this one section of the basement. It always
gave me the creeps and I tried hard never to go into that part of the basement, even with
my parents. At the age of 5 I began to experience a strange ability. The dreams I would
have would be very vivid (as dreams usually are). I could never recall the dreams until I
started having terrific headaches. A few times I would actually drop the ground they were
so bad. Then I knew it going to happen. The dreams I had came true in 100% accuracy
as I would dream them. Places and things I dreamed would all be taking place for real
just as I had dreamed them. Events would occur just as I had dreamed them. One that I
remember very well was when I lost a calculator that my grandmother got me for a
present. In that time calculators were very expensive and I always loved that thing. I had
lost it one day and could not find it anywhere. I had a dream that my mother mad me
clean my room and I accidentally knocked over my plastic model of a T-REX dinosaur. It
was a large kids model that was hollow and had very few large parts for a kid to easily
put together. The entire model was a snap together kit. When the model hit the floor one
of the legs came off and inside it was the calculator. A few days later, sure enough, my
mom made me clean my room and just as I had dreamed, the leg came off. It was laying
in the same position in the dream and the exact leg fell off. Inside was the calculator that
I put there to keep safe (I was a kid) so I wouldn't loose it.   Often at night, usually on
weekends, we would hear strange noises coming from the upstairs. The sounds of
tables and chairs moving around, sometimes things hitting the floor. When we went up to
investigate, there would never be anything out of place or disturbed that we could see. I
can remember one Saturday morning getting up to go and watch cartoons (forgetting
that the TV had been broken waiting for a repair man to come on Monday to fix it) and
as I came into the living room, the power knob on the set was being pulled out and
pushed back in repeatedly as if someone else wanted the TV on. I could see the plug
was still on the rug, unplugged. Then there were the times that I saw a shadowy figure
walk down the hallway in what looked like a man in a nightgown and cap holding a
candlestick of sorts. I never felt threatened by this nor did that figure ever acknowledge
the fact that I or anyone else was around him/it or whatever it was. Then, one night, my
mom was laying asleep in her bed late at night when she suddenly awoke and saw a
man standing at the end of the bed. She screamed and woke my father up. When he got
up there was nothing but my mother described to my father, in exacting details, the
image of his grandfather, in the exact clothes that he wore the day he died. Eventually
the events grew less and less frequent. Our family was forced to move when the city
decided that they wanted to build a school house on our block. When I left that house,
the headaches and dreams stopped and so did the sightings of my ghostly figure. But, I
do recall one local news event shortly after the new school was built, about how
supposed vandals broke into the school and destroyed desks in one of the classrooms.
Funny, I don't know how vandals could BEND metal desks like a coat hanger and then
stack them in a corner. That and the fact that the room that this took place in was VERY
close to the same spot MY house used to be! Whether it was vandals, or my great
grandfather or something else I could never find out. I never heard anymore about this
after that last incident on the news, but it was a bit funny and coincidental that it
happened where it did. I still live close to that school, and in fact have relatives that have
kids that go to that school and nobody ever reported seeing or hearing anything strange.
To this day I have yet to step foot in that school. The only thing strange or weird that has
happend to me since that time is if I am in a room that is very quiet and alone, I swear I
can hear extreme faint voices talking. Although I always chalk this up to an over
imagination but sometimes I really have to wonder!


This ghost story was related to The Strange by Kelly:

Forever me and my mother had dreamed of living on a farm and the dream was
finally coming true. My stepfather was like a son to an old lady named Mary.
She was getting worse and she didn't expect to live much longer. So she was
selling the farm house and the hundred acres. I got to know her quite well
and we'd ironically talk about the paranormal. She moved into her daughter's
house and we moved into the farm house. I always had an eery filling about
the house, but it lifted after Mary died. I could still fill a presence in
the house, but nothing menacing. My grandmother couldn't say the same. She
watched my baby sister while my mother was at work. She's a clean phobic. So
she decided to burn Mary's old dresses. Mary did not like this at all.
Grandma was lifted three feet into the air and removed from the room. To say
the least, Grandma was upset. She came to me knowing my interests in this
subject. I just laughed at her, knowing her overexaggeration and wild
antics. Only when my mom said that she looked in the mirror and seen Mary
did I take it seriously. I started to notice the cold spots in the attic,
livingroom(where she spent the most time at the end), and in my bedroom. I
always felt like someone was watching me, but thought nothing of it. Grandma
kept complaining about Mary, about how the ghost had it in for her. I just
laughed, she never actually hurt Grandma, just moved her when she was
messing with her stuff. An occasional moving cabinet door or a window
opening never phased me. But a day in the attic scared me to death. It was a
fall Saturday, quite cold and dreary. So I went up into the attic to start
sewing a quilt or try to anyway. I heard two male voices talking to each
other, then furniture moving. One of the voices sounded like my grandma's
friend, and I was wondering why the furniture was being moved. So downstairs
I went, only to find my grandma and aunt talking, no guys, no TV, and no
furniture moved.I asked them about it and they told me they had no idea what
I was talking about. Then they both started talking about the occurences in
the house. Hearing furniture being moved when nothing was being changed,
stuff being misplaced, strange voices, feeling someone touch you when no one
was there. The noises, the voices, and the firm hand stopping me from
crossing the road were the only things that happened to me. Well, besides
the cold spots. There was an old fireplace in the living room, I never cared
to lay in front of the fire, some eery feeling always overtook me and my
little sister.And here is where the real fun begins. A hot summer night in
August 97' I sudden;y was jerked awake. My whole family was trying to get my
window open. Something told me to get up and get out. We all got out just in
time to see the windows blow out and the fire engulf the entire side of the
house. I ran to my room and saved my cat and three kittens from my room.
Instinct took over and it took over a week for me to finally realize what
happened. One-half of the house had burnt and the rest had water and smoke
damage. We lost three-fourths of our pets. We moved from one place to the
next until the double-wide was setup. One night we were eating in the new
house when mom asked my stepfather if he screamed and shook her to wake her
up. No. One name came to everyone's mind, Mary. The old farmhouse was
rebuilt, my friend says that she hasn't had any encounters. But I still feel
a presence in the new house. I wonder if she's watching over us still.


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If you have any ghost stories that you would like to share, send them in, and we'll post them here at The Strange!
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