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Reader's Ghost Stories
October, 1999
Yes, just pull up a log and get out a stick and a marshmallow and we'll sit here around the cyber campfire and exchange scary ghost stories!

If you have any ghost stories that you would like to share, send them in, and we'll post them here at The Strange!
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 This ghost story was sent in by Clair.

Hello, I suppose I will introduce myself to start off. My name is Clair. I
live in a small midwestern town called Gellarsville. The house I live in is
very old exactly how I am not sure of. Me and mom just moved in about two
monthes ago. From the time I first set foot in the house I knew their was
something erie about it. Kind of a strange feeling like someone or something
was watching every move I made [you know what I mean dont you?].You  have to
know that I am not one to let any old ghost or spirit scare me so I payed
the unseen eyes no heed. Late one night I was up unpacking , when I heard a
weird creaking noise . Being the brave one I am and thinking someone might
be trying to break in, I decided to check it out. I walked out of my room ,
feeling the invisable eyes on me stronger than ever. First I checked the
front door. Nothing. As I walked to the back the sound grew louder. "It must
be coming from outside" I thought , placing the noise. As I stepped out I
noticed the cellar door was open , with the padlock ripped off !
Rationalizing myself , I decided  it must be some wayfarer seeking shelter.
My bravery fading but still intact, I decided to go down the mossy steps to
see what awaited there.[Crazy arent I?]. As I slowly made my way down ,
suddenly my footing gave way underneath me. The last thing I remembered was
my head making a loud thud on the concrete floor.I dont remember how long I
was out, but when I awoke it was still dark outside. As I opened my eyes I
saw before me a set of red stained footprints. Bloody footprints? My bravey
gone by this time I scurried up the stairs, only to find the door
mysteriously locked. Now this was frightning! Even more so when I heard a
long drawn-out voice call my name. I resolved to hide my fear under the
guise of anger, calling out some obsenities at the unknown entity. A
chilling laughter pierced the air, making me nearly jump out of my skin. I
saw shadowy form start to approach me. I am sure I let out a sceam to wake
the dead. The thing was gaining on my terror-frozen form."Did I scare you?"
it moaned in its labored voice."What are you?" I finaly managed to get
out."I live here" moaned the thing matter-of- factly ." No I  live here!" I
yelled to the thing.[I know,their is a line between bravery and stupidity.]
"Get out of  my house!" screehed the entity." NO THIS IS MY HOUSE YOU
DUMB-ASS!" I sceamed. "YOU GET OUT NOW!" Was I just imagining it or did I
hear sobbing coming from the things direction.It was crying! I tried but I
could not for the life of me hold back the laughter. Its crying grew louder
and more obnoxious. "Please quit crying."said I. "You are so mean"sobbed the
thing."What do you expect you tried to scare me!"I said. "But what fun is it
being a ghost if you cant scare people" it mumured."Maybe you should turn in
your sheet because you really suck as a ghost." I remarked smartly.With out
another word the thing turned and zoomed right through the wood of the
cellar door. I can only guess that it turned in its sheet because it never
bothered me again.

These ghostly tales were sent in by Cathy.

I have lived in the house I'm in for about 8 years now.  We know it
is haunted but find there is nothing wrong with that.  I have been "saved"
from two incidents that I am aware of.  I will tell you about these two
incidents, I fear ridicule so I do not tell others as most people laugh or
just shake their head as though I have a vivid imagination.  I wish that
were the case.

The first happened about 1 month after we moved in, I was home alone as my
husband was at a meeting that lasted until 1:00pm.  I have a large German
Shepard dog, and he was asleep on the front porch.  I usually stayed up
until my husband came home just tinkering or cleaning the house.  Well I was
cleaning the house in my nightgown when I heard a terrifying scream, not
human, it sounded like it came from the front porch were my dog was.  So I
ran out to the front porch and my dog was over by the garage (about 150 feet
from the house)  looking at me wagging his tail sort of standing there in a
cowering position.  I started to call him (his name was Lucas), he just
would put his head down in a coward like fashion and not come, I started
getting angry with him as I called him to me in every tone I could trying to
figure out why he would not come to me, as he usually lives to be at my
side.  After about 2 minutes trying to get him to come I heard a loud voice
behind me say "keep calling baby cause here I come"  well needless to say I
became very frightened and ran into the house I tried to lock the door but
it was a hard to shut door.  So I ran to the kitchen shut off the light and
tried to dial for help.  You can see the front door from the kitchen, I
slouched down on the floor and watched the front door, I could see the door
shoving forward as though someone was hitting it hard from the outside but
it remained shut, the doorknob kept turning back and forth but the door
would not open, who ever it was, was determined to get in.  When I tried to
call for help I just hit a speed dial button and my mother came on the line
I hysterically told her what was happening she said I'll be right over as
she was less than 5 minutes away.  She drove in  I'm sure less than 5
minutes. When she got to my house the door open as she touched it with no
pressure at all on the knob, almost as if it was opened for her.  I believe
whoever or what ever lives in this house kept the intruder at bay.

The second incident happened in front of my husband, but it happened to me
I was carrying a wet load of laundry up the cellar stairs when at the top I
missed the last step this caused me to tip over backwards, falling with the
weight of the wet laundry.  My husband saw this and tried to run to help me,
just as I completely lost my footing and started to fall something pushed me
up so hard, I hit the wall across from the stairs, cloths basket and all.
My husband said "how did you do that that is impossible"  I told him, I felt
something on both my shoulders on my back hit me.  We still do not know how
or what happened as it is unexplainable, except to say either a ghost or
angel did it.  Some people I tell say it was a guardian angel doing this
while others say its a ghost.
My husband said whatever it was saved my life as if I would have fallen all
the way down the stairs I would have broken my neck or back the way I was

   We have had many things so numerous to mention happen that we now shrug
off most things, there small things, like TV and stereo going on & off,
phone ringing half rings then stopping, things moving, windows opening at
night, shadows in the rooms, we used to hear small voices in the basement
sort of crying calling "mommy" in a quiet like voice, it almost sounded like
a cat crying,  but it stopped after one night when  I said "stop it! that
scares me" out loud.
 The newest thing that just started happening recently is the "ghost" signs
on to the Internet at night we hear it dialing and connecting, last night
when I heard it I came out of bed to see what was happening.  It was going
to a site about Halloween.

This story was sent in by David Thornthwait.

Ok I was reading a ghost story sent in by someone named justin.  My story is
the same as his.  I was awake in my room in the middle of night sitting up in bed looking at the shadows of things trying to guess what they weere when I hard a creak in the living room.  I turned fast to look and nothing was there.  So I thought what could it be?  I watched for a couple minutes and then said it was nothinhg hehe! Just my imagination.  Well, I turned and was looking at the shadows again when I noticed another shadow and  I started shaking cause I noticed that it was at
the side of my bed and I was scared, shaking like crazy.  I was trying to look over the bed but something was pulling me back  like my concious was holding me.  I finally got up and looked over the end but then I noticed something out the corner of my eye: a dark shadow like creature that
was only 2 or 3 feet high and jumped and I never slept the rest of that night,
Well dont get mad, I have more to tell you.

Before that, I heard two strange voices mumbling by my bed and  a couple of  weeks before that I woke and saw two red glowing eyes in thw corner of my bedroom and ran out of there like a rocket
please believe this one......... it is totally true.

I have never seen a ghost but beleive I've heard some and my grandma and great-aunt have heard one and saw what they can do......Well, lets talk about me first: I have heard a water dish (for cows) im sure you what it is?! Well I Have heard that running in my barn even though there is no water or
electricity running in there and I have heard a koo-ko clock in there and my grandma ued to vsit my great-aunt when she lived in town and only lived there a couple of weeks. The ghost would creep around at night and wake everyone up and mess up the house so they moved out.

Spooky Noises By Joe.

One night at my cousins house we were recording stuff like our voices and things like that.  Then my cousins mother called us downstairs to eat  dinner so in our haste to go eat we forgot to turn of the tape recorder.  After about 20 minutes later after we had finished eating and we went back
upstairs.  When we got in the room we had realized that we had left the recorder on so we rewound the tape and played it.  After a while on the tape we started hearing creaks and moans and screams  all of which we didn't hear downstairs.  Just to make sure that thoose noises weren't already on the tape we turned on the recorder and went downstairs for a couple minutes and then we went back upstairs and rewound  the tape and to our suspisions the noises were on the tape again!!!!!!!

"The Guardian Angel" By Ross

This story is about how much your family loves you.  When grandma died I was
sure she would visit me from the beyond.  She did!

One night I woke up and she was sitting at the end of my bed reading the Bible, she whispered:
"I love you Ross."
This has occured many times since, she woke me up at 3:AM to tell me I was late for school!  Then said:  "I love you," and disapeared.  I guess my grandma loved me,and still does.

Another story from Ross: "The Little Green Man"

One day me (Ross) and Joe were at his house in the attic when we saw a little green man.  He was about 3 inches tall, dark green, had something on his head (hat,antennae,bump,?), and was fast as the dickens.  He fled across the floor and we thought he was a rat.  He did it again and when he stopped we saw a green guy look and smile at us.  I don't know what he is or what he wants, but it scared the crap out of us.  This is a recurring situation, it has happened to many people we know.

If you have any ghost stories that you would like to share, send them in, and we'll post them here at The Strange!
See also: Sir Richard's True Ghost Stories

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