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In Prince George's county, Maryland, USA there seems to be a creature running around known to the locals simply as "The Goatman".  The Goatman is perhaps best known to the high school students in that county who sometimes go out thrill seeking to find or hunt down this half man, half goat creature.  The most popular story goes like this:  There was a scientist who was working, i.e. experimenting with goats during the late 60's and early 70's. Some say a dreadful scientific mistake happened and the man turned into a half man half goat creature not unlike a satyr or the greek god Pan. Others say that the scientist simply went insane and ran into the woods to live like a beast which he still does to this day.

The Goatman has never been known to hurt or kill a man but there have been numerous reports of animal mutilations in the area.  He seems to prefer dogs, as most of his victims are canines who have been decapitated or otherwise mutilated.
The Goatman also seems to have an affinity for axes, as many high school students have had axes buried in their cars when they were engaged in "lovers lane" activities.

Below are letters sent in to The Strange regarding the Goatman.  You may find incorrect spelling and punctuation because we publish the letters verbatim for the most part.  So get a cup of something hot, and sit back in fear as you read of the encounters with the Goatman!

This letter came to us from an un-named source, the user ID was "Eddfranc".

I grew up in Hyattsville, Maryland, in Prince George's County, and here was
our version:

Goatman lived along Heurich Creek, which separated Green Meadows from
Kirkwood and Lewisdale from Hyattsville.  He wasn't half man, half goat, but
a deranged guy from the "war" (the older you are, the earlier the war) who
dressed in goat skins and preyed on children who went where there parents
told them not to go.  And, yes, he carried an ax.  The scary part was that he
could tear living things in half as easy as a piece of paper, and liked to
eat his kill, and there are many stories of friends of friends who had this
done to their family pets.  He was known to sleep under the bridge on
East-West Highway or Ager Road, or in the fenced off area surrounding the
huge radio tower next to the Ager Terrace Apartments — in other words, places
you knew you weren't supposed to play in.  The woods along Heurich Creek,
though surrounded by housing and other development, are scary to walk
through, even in the day, as one can feel very isolated.  A creature like
Goatman could easily live in an environment like that.  I know every time I
had to walk through them (they were a short cut to my high school when I
missed the bus) it felt like someone was watching me, especially at Stone
Bridge, but nothing ever happened.  It always seemed he showed himself more
to kids in Lewisdale, but I'm sure kids in Lewisdale always heard he showed
himself more in Green Meadows.


A different version of the Goatman, sent in by Kirk.

I lived in Cheverly in PG County from the 1950's to 1970 and attended
Bladensburg High School. I was very surprised to find the Goatman Legend is
alive and circulating. I thought that the story was specific to Bladensburg
and gave us an excuse in the mid- 60's to go out to the country, party and
grope each other in fear when the Goatman was spotted.

The Bladensburg version of the legend was pretty much the same except for
one fact. Goatman was a person who had been hideously deformed from a car
accident that occurred at what people call the crybaby bridge. He attacked
young lovers out of  jealousy because no one wanted him because he was so

Goatman country was around Lottsford-Vista Road and Admore-Ardwick Road. I
assume that area has been built up since the 60's.

This goatman account was sent in by Jeffrey Bullock.

  I live in Mentone, Alabama.  My brother, Leeland, says he's seen the goatman twice.  The first time he told me, I got my gun and went to hunt it.  My dog came with me.  He wimpered the whole time, so I figured the Goatman was nearby.  I didn't see him that day.  The NEXT day, my brother and I went to hunt this creature.  It was about 10:00 AM on the 13 of July, 1999.  Well, we didn't see it.  So at 5:00, PM, my bro went for a walk back to its domain, and swears he saw it again.  It seems to be nocturnal, coming out at about 5:00 to 6:00 PM on dry days.  It also turns out that the abandoned house it resides near is a place of Pagan and satanic worship.  I beleive there is a link between the two.  Well, as of now, we are still hunting this creature.  We hope soon to kill it, or capture it.  This is its general description:  about 7 foot tall, bald with a lumpy head, hooves, and long fingers with long claws.  We have also see huge hoofprints.  If we kill him, we will notify the proper authorities.  Thank You.  We have not seen it carrying an ax.  No horns on his head.


A person known as "Elchupa" sent this letter in.

I am an amature cryptozoologist (a guy who studies animals who aren't
supposed to exsist) in south NJ. I go on the internet by the name of Dude. I
know no one has ever been killed by the goatman but I have heard a very
scarey legend about him. Legend has it that one night a young couple in
their Jr. year were driving home from a "short stop off" at lovers lane.
About 3/4 of a mile from the spot they saw something off to the side of the
road, that looked like a large hairy beast. The guy pulled over to the side
of the road under a mess of tree branches. He told his girl friend that no
matter what, stay in the car. He walked off over the hill to investigate what
they saw. 2 hours later, he still didn't come back. After such time the young
girl heard a rhythmic tapping on the car roof, much like the rhythm of the
tic toc of a clock. Being afraid of this, since it wasn't raining, she locked
all the doors and hid under a blanket only to fall asleep under it. She woke
up the next morning and figured it was safe to come out in broad day light.
So she opens the door gets out and the first thing she does is look at the
car roof to see what was tapping on it all night. Well to her horror, she
found her boyfriends head, severed and hanging from a branch by rope over the
car. The tapping was his blood dripping out.

Lang Mitskewicz has requested that we post the request below:


( And while you're at it, send us a copy of your story also!)
John McMahon,

This letter comes from someone at VooDooPig Productions, Inc.

I've been a Bowie, Maryland resident for 33 years. I've never known
anyone who has seen the Goatman or broken down on the bridge and heard
the crying, but the locals have always heard the stories. The Goatman is
said to inhabit the woods just off Fletchertown road. Fletchertown is
about 3-4 miles from Lottsford road. (Between the two lies Glendale
State Asylum . . . but that's a story unto itself!) Fletchertown road is
a high banked windy road that runs parallel to the Patuxeant Research
Facility. The PRF is about 6000 acres housing research areas for several
entities including the University of Maryland, The EPA, the US Army, and
the US Department of the Interior. The story, as I heard it, is that a
UofM researcher working on some sort of DNA recombination for a vaccine
was accidentally infected and transformed into the half man / half goat.
Unable to exist in society he fled into the nearby woods. He is said to
feed on local pets and livestock, which he hunts and butchers using a
fire-axe he took from the lab. If startled he has been said to chase
trespassers who are on foot and dissuade motorists by jumping onto the
hoods of their cars.

Cry Baby bridge is an old metal suspension bridge on Governor's Bridge
Road. The story here is that a young, distraught, single mother drowned
her new-born baby in the river below. An unusual number of cars are said
to stall or breakdown at the bridge. When passengers get out of their
cars to check on the trouble, they can hear the sounds on an infant
crying and struggling.

This letter was sent in by yet another real P.G. County resident.

Hi, my name is Bill, and I live in Prince George's County Maryland. I had
just turned 21, and me and my friends had a drinking party. I had bought 3
kegs of beer, when we finished the first 1, we all went into the house to
watch T.V. I was flipping throught the channels, when one of my friends told
me to go back. It was the animal channel, they were talking about goats. My
friend told me the story of the goatman. I was pretty skeptical. and then, I
heard an earsplitting pop. I ran outside. something had left two holes right
in the middle of the keg. It looked something like this.

I O   O I
I______I        <--- Keg

there was a tuft of hair on the ground. I ran inside, my friend was on the
couch, I told him what had happened and he came outside w/ me. we heard a
howl and decided to check it out. we went into the woods behind my house. after
about 2 1/2 hours we found a hound, dead. It's legs were half eaten, and
there was an axe in his chest. I picked it up, as proof of our story. all of
a sudden, the goatman leaped out of the forest and at us. I threw the axe as
a sad attempt to hit him. Miss. He grabbed the axe and chased us. we lost
him, and returned empty-handed.

A quest for proof of the Goatman, sent in by J.D.

Let me say you have one of the most interesting sites I have been to. Great job!
In reference to the "goatman" I am curious as to whether any photo's of the alleged damage to vehicles by his ax exist? Surely this would have to been reported and documented by someone, police-insurance etc....

The "real" Goatman? This letter was sent in by Debbie.
Debbie invites Goat-people to email her at

here is the real srory of the goatman. first of all he is just a man that escaped an insane asylum that thinks he is part man part goat. and second he lives on a road that used to be called thunder road, but is now called Mellwood lane. and he does kill people. there have been several dissapearances and even a few murders in that area, and almost all of them took place at a place called crybaby bridge. the road used to be a dirt one that has now been paved.i have been down there recently and I heard some strange noises but me and the friend i was with took off
before we had a chance to meet the goatman face to face.

This letter comes to us from Julie, a Goatman veteran!

This is just too funny that I accidentally found this website.  My name is
Julie and I grew up in the 60's in Camp Springs, MD - in PG County.  "Our"
Goatman lived in the Tucker Road area of Oxon Hill.  I don't recall there
being anything in that area back then - just a dark, narrow Tucker Road
bordered by woods on both sides.  I'm quite sure that none of us ever saw a
thing when we drove down Tucker Road, but someone in the car would always
claim to have seen something in the woods or on the side of the road, and
then everyone else in the car would freak.  I remember one of the times that
the guys decided to go looking for Goatman - we headed for Tucker Road and
parked the car in the woods.  The girls stayed in the car with the doors
locked while the guys headed into the woods and out of sight - then they
decided to sneak back behind the car, jump on the trunk and scream bloody
murder.  We went nuts and when we finished screaming -- we cuss them out all
the way home.  One of the stories we heard back then was that people had
been found dead in their cars on that road - with a look of shock on their
face -- obviously "scared to death" by the sight of Goatman pouncing on
their cars.  I haven't driven down Tucker Road in 30+ years, but I would
guess that there's probably a zillion housing developments in that area now.
Guess Goatman had to move on as the area became populated -- could be why
he's been seen in other parts of PG County over the years??  Here's to
Goatman and memories of our teens!

This letter comes to us from Megann Wood.

My name is Megann Wood, I am 15 years old and I have been to "Goatman
Territory" many times.  I have been unsucessful in spotting Goatman  but my
youth leader has seen him.  He punched him in the face.  The story goes... He
was traveling into Goatman Teritory in Poolsville by the NIH Animal Center
where they do experiments on animals (if you drive by there during the day
there are messed up horses with huge heads and pigs with 5 legs) and he had
to piss so he drove over a secluded area over a bridge.  He turned off the
main road and did his business.  When he got back into his car he noticed
that the car was stalled.  So he got out to see what was wrong (he's a
michanic).  He looked up once he got it to start and got back in the car and
he felt hot breath on his neck he turned to where it was coming from and he
saw a hideous goat head. Out of fear he punched the goat.  The goat stood on
the roof of his car from pain and my youth leader sped off there was a
clawing sound and then a thud.  He didn't look back to see if he had thrown
the beast off.  But when he got out of the car he looked at his roof and
there were 8 bloody claw marks and his rear window whiper had been torn off.

This letter was sent in from Andrew:

I live in Prince George's country and I have saw the goatman also.  He was carrying an ax in one hand and a cat's severed off head in the other, and was chasing me and my buddy down some road near Lover's Lane we had never been there before, here's how it happened.  We had got out of the car cause there was a dead cat on the road and we thought it was a little mangled, so we got out to look at it and when we saw it it was missing it's head.  We soon found out why.  We were about ready to get in the car when we looked up and the car's head lights were shining on the goatman who had the cat's head in his hand.  We immediatley ran back to the car and jumped in.  The goatman started jumping on the hood and howling.  We took off and the goatman went over the hood and landed behind the car, to this day we never go down that road again.     THIS IS NOT A LIE

If you have any questions e-mail at

Mike Robson sent in this letter regarding his encounter with the Goatman.  Although it reads like fiction, Mike maintains that his story is the absolute truth.  Further, to increase the credibility of his story, Mike invites you to email him with any questions or comments that you might have.
We beleive you Big Mike!

 At the age of 26, I moved to the fair hamlet of Greenbelt to start my new job. I found a quaint little shanty on the South East side of town, tucked behind a small grove of apple trees and not more than 200 yards from a wooded area. In my small cottage I lived alone, but I was raising about eight ringed tailed lemurs which I kept out back. In that first month or two, I made several friends and I invited them over for booze and barbecue at my house one Saturday afternoon. A few grease laden burgers and several keg stands later we sat down to swap some stories. It didn't take long before someone brought up the Goatman. This was the first I ever heard of the Minotaur-esque recluse. Unfortunately for me, my real-estate agent failed to inform me of the fact that I wasnear the heart of Goatman country (she later received a strongly worded letter). I admit that I didn't believe my companions, because they also told me of the roving gang of drunken circus midgets that beat up little old ladies for there hair pins. After that night I would hear randomthings about the Goatman, but nothing that made me a true believer.

  My first three months were quite uneventful. One of my most beloved lemurs, Ringo, fell ill and died one week later from what I now believe is some kind of goats bane. Then, not more than one month later, I awoke to a ruckus in my lemur run. I ran outside to investigate, but saw nothing. There was a faint musky odor in the air, almost like a petting zoo. I checked on my pets only to discover that three of their long, flowing tails been cut off. I then kept my lemurs inside after that for fear of yet a second assault on my prized animals. I consulted my friends, who are always quick to point a finger at the Goatman, on the issue and they immediately attributed the mutilations to him. I later learned of other attacks on various animals around the neighborhood. After I relocated the surviving lemurs indoors, I lived in peace for nearly a whole year. I was free from the shenanigans and goings on of the Goatman, and I even successfully bred seven new lemurs.

  My period of sanctity ended abruptly, however. After a rowdy night in DC, I returned to my house in the early hours of the morning to find that my house had been broken into. I went back to my car and procured a 9 iron from my bag and investigated. At the door I found a tuft of animal hair, very coarse, caught on a jagged edge of my broken window. I knew then that I faced something far superior to the average petty burglar. Wielding my club, I entered. When I reached the kitchen, I hesitated... and terror possessed me then. The apples that I had gathered that weekend were diced up by a heavy and dulled blade, for I could see tile chips scattered amongst the apple pulp and the scarred floor under that. The  floor had several gashes that appeared to be caused by a hatched or a small ax of some kind. I looked off to my right and saw that my aluminum recycling bin had been violated. Cans were strewn about over one side of my kitchen, and most had pronounced teeth marks in them. I also found several half eaten dish towels. I moved around the kitchen island to move to the TV room. Nothing I have ever done could prepare me for what I saw next. I heard a metallic clang and I looked in the direction of the noise. Out of the shadows of the walk in pantry rolled an eaten can of Star-Kist Tuna. It rolled all the way to where I was standing, hit my foot, and then settled to the floor. I slowly gazed up from the floor where the can appeared from and my eyes met the shadowed eyes of an ugly, contorted man of about six feet. I had just stumbled into a desperate battle of wits with the Goatman.

  The sky was angry that night. The wind blew through the broken glass of my door's window. My eyes followed his as the earthy aroma filled my flared nostrils. The labored breathing of the Goatman rang in my ears like the howling of the banshee, but I stood firm, my 9 iron drawn like Excalibur. Just then the Goatman made a move to his left. My right arm came back and I then made a cross body slash that the Highlander would have been proud of, shattering my cookie jar in the process. The Goatman broke to his right while skillfully ducking under my swing, almost on all fours, now and bolted for the door.. I recovered from my mighty swing and followed suit. The Goatman nimbly hurdled the pile of mutilated apples and lunged a the door with his head down, ramming the battered obstruction from it's hinges. Meanwhile, I followed the beasts path, but lacking the finely honed skills of a veteran Goatman, I failed to make the immediate sharp left turn following the perilous apple jump. I went crashing into my cabinets. I recovered after several seconds and rejoined the pursuit. I stepped into the outdoors just in time to see the Goatman disappear into the forest.

  No more than two weeks after the whole fiasco took place, I packed up and left. I transferred to New Mexico where I currently reside.

Please email me if you care to and I will answer any questions that
you may have about my experiences.

Sincerely, Mike Robson


A man named Brian, from Goatman country, sent in this information:

According to people I have been talking to, there is a bridge that you must cross over before you enter goatman's "territory".  As the story goes, after he jumps out in front cars, he jumps on the hood.  There is no way of preventing this, because apparently you cannot run over him no matter how hard you try.  There's just some kind of force that disables the driver from moving the car forward.

Here is another story from Mary in Michigan:

Hello my name is mary and I live in Michigan.  I have seen Goatman in michigan and I don't know but I'd say there are two.  So here's how the story went.  I was driving down a very lonely road when I saw a deer-X sign.  I kept looking to the  sides and saw something.  I wasn't sure it was a deer or a man.  I was going past it and my car suddenly stalled and the man or whatever it was came right out in front of my car.  The lights flickered and it appeared to look like a half-man-half-goat.  At that point he jumped on my car and started hitting it with an ax he was carrying.  I got so scared I pissed my pants I didn't attempt to get out of the car not knowing what he would do but as soon as he left the car started and I sped right on home.

Emily, who lives near Prince George's County tells of her ex-boyfriends encounter:

I live near P.G. county and once a friend and I had someone take us to see the Goatman. I don't remember the road name or where exactly. What we saw could have just been a small tree on top of a hill. It didn't really move. Then my ex-boyfriend got out of the car and walked away from the car. After a few minutes he came running and screaming back to the car and jumped in through the window. He told us to drive fast back up the road. All we could do was laugh at him. But we did leave and he swears the Goatman was chasing him. I'm not sure about all the stories going around about him, I only have this one experience.

 We asked: "Would Emily's ex-boyfriend please write us?!!!"  And he did!  Here is his letter:

I am Emily's ex-boyfriend Tim. Like she said one of our friends took us to the area where the Goatman supposedly lived. None of use thought it was real, then we saw a figure on top of a hill. I didn't think much of it,and I really had to use the restroom so I left the car and made my way toward some trees.  Then I heard a goat like grunt. I thought it was Emily playing a trick on me
until I looked up and saw a goat head right in front of me. I screamed and started to run and I could hear the creature running behihind me. I ran straight back down the hill and to the car where I leaped through the open window and yelled at the girls to drive as fast as they can.That was probably the scarriest moment of my life.

Is this guy for real?  This, sent in by powersloth:

My true name is James Scott McDonnel.  My family and I lived in Prince George's County Maryland for five and a half years, back in the early 80's. We lived on a farm where we raised (very successfully) livestock.  One evening in late September, it seemed that the animals were particularly restless.  I didn't think much of it, since a rather tumultuous storm had just passed, and
the autumn winds were still livid.  Retiring early that evening, I did not notice, until now that I think back, the exceptional timidness of the goats.

Later that night, I found myself tossing and turning in my bed, as another storm drew near, and the uncanny cries of the livestock kept my eyes wide open.  Eventually unable to bear the racket, I got up and endevoured out into the barn where all the commotion was coming from.  "What is it?" I muttered, trying to sooth the beasts with my voice. That's when I saw the eye.  At first I thought it was one of the goats, hiding in the loft.  With a sudden impulse, I reached for my 22, but too late...  My arm was sliced with keen accuracy that only a goatman could possess.

The next month I spent in the hospital.  It was only a seven inch wound, but it was a very dirty blade that struck me.  So as I sat in bed, I decided to do a little research on goatmen.

It seems they were a mistake.  Back in the 60's, the scientists from the University of Pittsburg were working to perfect a vaccine to cure certain cancers (which wouldn't have worked anyway), when one scientists blood was accidentally  spattered and fell into a prototype mixture of goat DNA and cancer cells.  The cancers cells caused the DNA to mutate at alarming speeds, forming, in effect, a living disease.

And ever after the goatman has roamed the country thereabout, slaying goats, in some sort of sick revenge at the beast that caused his lothful existance.  And he has moved beyond Maryland, and multiplied.  The chupacabre were nothing more than several angry goatmen, seeking out there revenge.  And as for me---- well, now lets just say I will devote the rest of my life to the capture of the beasts, for their own safety, and to say, in my own fashion, "I'm sorry........"

This letter was sent in by Steve, who grew up and still lives in Goatman county:

 According to the stories I heard, Goatman lurked around Lottsford Road in the Bowie/Largo area.  This was a narrow winding road in one of the few remaining rural parts of PG County.
There was a small bridge on Lottsford Road known as Crybaby Bridge.  According to legend, a mother drowned her infant  near that bridge and at night, one could hear the baby crying.  This bridge was also a favorite hunting ground for Goatman, a half man half goat, who would
attack anyone in the area, esp. dogs.

This sent in by James:

I live in lee county virginia. One foggy morning at about 6:00 am . I looked out the window and saw a half goat half man at the edge of a hayfield. So i ran and got my 30-06 winchester rifle and loaded that bad boy. I hauled ass  an ran into the field. He started to run so I fired a whole clip at him. I went to where he was standing and found a littleblood. But it led nowhere after a awhile. So the next night me and my cousin took a movie camera . About 5:30 am he came out. And we got actual footage of him. but we have not showed it to anyone. We think we want you to have the first look.

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If you have any Goatman facts to add, especially if you are someone who lives in Prince George's county....

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