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"Face the facts. Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts."

>>>William S. Burroughs(1)<<<

"We are not contractually tied down to reality; there is no sanity clause. So if you feel your train of thought is going to the places where the screaming is too loud, remember there is always madness. Madness is the emergency exit." >>>The Joker, The Killing Joke<<<

"Bring the end of the world as you know it to a place near you, but hey at least it'll be a laugh!" >>>Anonymous(2)<<<

There are so many delightful varieties of madness that one can only conclude that the god(s) of this universe, if he/she/it/they exist(s), must have truly twisted sense(s) of humor. Let's explore some of the madness and then view it in the context of a metaphysical practice known as CHAOS MAGIC.

So Much Madness, So Little Time

Infectious Agents of Madness

One of the latest crazes to hit the media is "mad-cow disease", otherwise known as bovine spongioform encephalopathy.(3) It appears that this deadly neurological affliction of cattle may be linked to a similar fatal brain malady in humans (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease). Deadly living particles called prions are smaller than viruses and may be the infectious agent which links the two diseases. Infected "sheep offal" (intestines, etc.) used in cattle feed may be the ultimate source of the disease.(4) The recent scare has cut off British beef exports and ultimately may result in the slaughter of Britain's entire cattle industry. In simple terms, infected brains become laced with holes like Swiss cheese, and the unfortunate animal or human dies in agony.

Genetic Madness

Numerous genetic mutations produce mental malfunctions. One of the worst I remember seeing in medical school was Hunter-Hurler Syndrome.(5) Children born with this horrific curse are in a constant rage, and teeth are often pulled to keep the kiddies from biting off their own lips and tongue! Fortunately for tormented parents, it's uncommon for the cursed youngsters to live beyond their early teens.

Chemical Madness

We've probably all seen reports on the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome. Veterans of America's attack on Saddam Hussein's Iraq are believed to have suffered immune system damage and other long-term effects as a result of exposure to routine vaccines and smoke from oil well fires, as well as possible exposure to biochemical warfare agents. Even more frightening, a new book describes potential effects on all of us by synthetic chemicals that damage the endocrine system and may influence the health, intelligence and fertility of future generations.(6) By interfering with the body's signals that guide development before birth and during early life, these endocrine system disrupters prevent people (and other animals) from growing up according to their genetic blueprints. Nasty chemicals that have been banned in the U.S. still are produced by American and other companies overseas, and then reintroduced to the U.S. by smuggling, as contaminants in imported food and via the global atmosphere. (7)

Overpopulation Madness(8)

At the turn of the century only 5% of world's population lived in cities with populations greater than 100,000. Today 45% (more than 2.5 billion people) live in crowded urban centers. It's predicted that by 2025 more than 60% of humanity (more than 5 billion people) will be packed together in cities like sardines in cans. Most of this growth has been and will continue to be in the developing world, where installation of sanitation is lagging far behind growth, and resilient microbes are overrunning the stressed immune systems of the urban poor.

In general, more than 1 billion people live in households too poor to obtain enough food for normal work, and another 2 billion live in conditions described as "deplorable". Conditions are so bad that ordinary people in Beijing, China and elsewhere have been driven to riot by pollution ranging from incessant noise to choking clouds of dust. It becomes increasingly likely that masses of the desperate may overwhelm entire nations and regions. The future is extremely grim.

Violence & Economic Madness

Violence is certainly not uniquely American, although we have clearly influenced the rest of the world in remarkable ways.(9) The Nazis(10) and the Communists of China (11) and the Soviet Union(12) also have had their times of darkness. Most of us try to sublimate(13) our aggressive impulses through movies(14) and othermeans,but occasionally the festering social malaise bursts into rancid bloom, as in the recent random slaughter of Scottish schoolchildren by an angry loner.(15) We have become so fearful of one another that laws allowing concealed guns are becoming chic.(16) Even the standard office or car is no longer safe.(17) With vampires and other unusual characters roaming the streets, the average person must feel quite confused and insecure!(18)

In addition to rampant violence, there is economic anxiety -- "stagnant wages, income inequality, political scapegoating and corporate insensitivity" as millions are fired from their jobs with little or no
notice.(19) There seems to be no end to the downward spiral.

Psychiatric Madness

Shrinks are as "nutso" as the people they claim to treat. When I was in med school, it was common wisdom that troubled students became psychiatrists in an effort to solve their own deep-seated problems. (20)
Further, scientific studies have shown that mental therapy is no more successful than simple self-help in curing mental problems.(21) Drugs merely control symptoms without correcting basic, underlying problems. A recent article summarizes the reasons for the disrespect that psychiatry has richly earned.(22) However, there is no shortage of mental illness, whether properly treated or not; it's been estimated "...that one in three senior management types exhibits a milder version of manic-depressive disorder." (23)

Apocalypse ‘R Us!

Religion is one of society's less successful attempts at curing cultural madness. The cure is generally worse than the disease, as evidenced in the poor quality of religious leaders(24) and in the tremendous havoc wrought by various religious "witch hunts".(25) Further, both the logic(26) and the promises(27) of religion are illusory. Even so, what a neat way to control the miserable masses by keeping alive hope for a better existence after death!

Apocalyptic cults and craziness abound as described in numerous books and articles.(28) Such things have been common in the past as fin de siecle (end of century) worries arise.(29) The year 1999 promises to be a real doozie as it also marks the end of a millennium when the second coming of Christ is expected by some.(30) Sadly, virtually all of these cults arise from the fear and sickness of xtian culture.

Actions & Consequences

To a chaos magician relaxed in the great flow of life, all this misery is no more than chaff in the wind.(31) There is neither evil nor good; at most these terms are mere subjective valuations of pain and pleasure by the affected person or group. However, actions do have consequences! Most of the following conclusions are drawn from examples discussed earlier.

Jump from a tall building, and you will probably die. Feed cattle in unnatural ways (e.g., on sheep offal), and unpleasant consequences such as "mad-cow disease" are likely. Poison the environment with poorly tested chemicals, radiation, etc., and genetic mutations and other massive effects become likely. Overpopulate the Earth, and we'll all go mad and eventually perish in the filth. Terrify innocent children and adults in an effort to steal their wealth and otherwise control them, and grotesque societal aberrations such as Nazism, Communism and Capitalism will result in the slaughter of millions of humans and the ruination of the Earth. Use violent religions to persecute all who disagree with you or simply want to be left alone, and serial/mass murderers and others poisoned by your pestilence will lay waste to the trust that holds a society together. There is no refuge anywhere -- not in medicine/psychiatry, cities, guns, money, religion, or even the grim isolation of locked fortresses.

The Approach to Chaos Magic

Aleister Crowley wrote, "Magic is the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will.(32) " How does this work for a chaos magician? Bearing in mind that actions have consequences as exemplified above, I am an absolute moral relativist. This is not a contradiction in terms. It means that as a chaos magician, I choose what works for me, bearing in mind that as a matter of expediency I do not want to cause harm to others lest it disturb my own enjoyment of life. At times I am perfectly willing to use traditional beliefs and methods, but I avoid attaching any ultimate truth or meaning to them.(33) Further, I know that science has found both order in what appears to be chaos as well as ways to use apparent disorder.(34)

This is the underpinning of chaos magic in a nutshell. Too simple? The best things often are, and we Americans spend so much time and energy in the mistaken belief that life must be complicated (expensive, requiring extensive effort, etc.) in order to be pleasurable. It's so easy to miss the real, small ecstasies by focusing on perfection and large, long-term goals.(35)

Can't get into something simple and basic? Then draw waaaaaaaay back and grok the big picture. A recent article indicates that "[h]idden planets may be lurking around as many as half the Milky Way galaxy's 100 billion stars...(36)"Astronomers can't yet see the planets themselves, but they're able to detect wobble in the motion of stars which suggests they're being pulled around by planets. I see color pictures of "pillars" of gas 400 million miles long in the Crab Nebula and wonder why we get so wrapped up in trivia. We worry and battle with one another over petty matters and let the deeper things pass unnoticed.(37) The lesson? In the big picture, very little if anything is worth agony. "It don't matter no way, no how," is what some of my less sophisticated friends say.

Children are the ultimate chaos magicians. They tend to be healthy because they are so unmolded and unrehearsed.(38) Pain exists in their narrow worlds, of course, but not concepts of good and evil until force-fed by adults. Comedian Robin Williams had the right idea: he prepared for his role in his new movie "Jack" by spending several days dressed like a 10-year-old boy. Most of us can't afford that luxury, but it's an interesting concept. Study a child if you want to refresh your memories of how things were and could be if we really believed that actions had consequences, and if we were truly willing to live a life of pleasure while balancing it with a genuine effort not to harm other life forms, including the Earth!

The Practices of Chaos Magic

The history and specific practices of chaos magic (sigilization and many other things) are covered in great depth elsewhere.(39) If you've got the attitude, don't sweat the details. Nevertheless, I'll offer a brief overview of one basic chaos magical practice in order to give a tantalizing glimpse of chaos magic's potential.

SIGILIZATION is one of my favorite techniques.(40) It's well known that advertisers embed hidden messages (often pictures or short phrases) in their ads so that viewers, while not aware consciously of the messages, are unconsciously both receptive and responsive to them. The classic example is "Eat Popcorn" flashed for a fraction of a second during a movie, which then causes viewers to buy popcorn without knowing why.

A SIGIL is a tool used by a chaos magician to stimulate his or her own subconscious to assist in achieving one's true Will.(41) In a nutshell, the magician expresses a desire both carefully(42) and succinctly in a word or short phrase, strikes out redundant letters, and arranges them in a picture while disguising their original nature as letters. The sigil is "burned" into the mind by focusing on it until it can be visualized without effort, and then it is forgotten. One may in fact forget all about how and why the sigil was constructed. The idea is to subvert conscious memory, i.e., to make it impossible for the conscious mind to produce resistance to fulfillment of the magician's desire. The unconscious mind is therefore free to produce the currents that will cause the magician's desire as signified by the sigil to manifest eventually in the physical world. A rigid mindset must be avoided if sigilization is to be effective. (43)

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References for Further Study of Chaos Magic

Internet Sites(44)

"Chaos via Internet - a Link Collection." Explore chaos science here -- lots of information on fractals and theory.

"Modern Magic - The Chaos Texts." Excellent site for basic texts on chaos magic! These are texts either directly or indirectly related to the work of A.O. Spare, Pete Carroll, Frater U:.D:. or the IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros). See especially Mark Chao's "Defining Chaos" at

"Tzimon Yliaster's Tools of Chaos." Tzimon's a cool guy. His site provides links to information on chaos magic and science, magic generally and other interesting items such as magic-related fonts for printing.

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doctrinal disputes(46) among chaos magicians.

Dragwyla, Yael. The Spare Sigil: Its Construction, Use Care and Feeding. Privately printed. This 20-page chapbook is the best I've seen on the subject. Highly recommended!

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“All mystical experience is coincidence; and vice versa, of course.” >>>Tom Stoppard, Jumpers<<<

“Satan is the lies and the evil hiding behind those plastic smiles of your Christian world.” >>>oDdbAll 42 (the nomadic lounge clown)(47) <<<

“Been there. Done that. Shit happened.” >>>Anonymous Bumper Sticker<<<


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