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The Men In Black it seems, first appeared in 1953. They have since served to intimidate people who have reported, or were about to report UFO sightings and/or abductions. The reports of their visits have waned in recent years for some unknown reason. Here a but a few of the best stories regarding these neatly dressed unearthly citizens.  

In 1953 a man by the name of Albert K. Bender was running an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) and editing a little publication called "Space Review" that was dedicated to news of flying saucers.

Shortly after Bender closed down his magazine and organization he gave an interview to a local paper (in) which he asserted that he had been visited by "three men wearing dark suits" who had ordered him "emphatically" to stop publishing material about flying saucers. Bender said that he had been "scared to death" and that he "actually couldn't eat for a couple of days". Some of Bender's former associates tried to press for a more satisfactory explanation, but to all questions he replied either cryptically or not at all.

 This state of affairs created considerable confusions among the flying saucer buffs. What were they to think about such a strange story? Some were openly skeptical of Bender's tale. They said that his publication and organization were losing money and the tale of the three visitors who ordered him to stop publishing was just a face-saving gesture. Yet, as the years went by the "Three Men In Black" began to sound more respectable and they took on a life of their own. Some of Bender's friends first thought that the Men In Black were from the Air Force or the CIA, and indeed Bender's original statements do seem to sound like (the men could have been) government agents. But after a while the Men In Black began to assume a more extraterrestrial, even supernatural air.  

On July 6, 1975 a UFO landed on the tobacco farm of Joseph Borda, located just outside London, Ontario. When the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) came to investigate the damage to his crops, they took samples of a strange bluish-green substance they found there. They sent it to a laboratory in Toronto for analysis. Mr. Borda waited for the results and when none came, he turned to a local UFO group called the Northeastern UFO Organization.

 According to Thomas Grey this farmer had seen a shiny dome-shaped UFO sitting in his field and assumed it was a tank truck spraying his crops. Two days later he went down to the field on a
routine check and discovered that all the tobacco plants in a twenty foot circle had been damaged and burned. The police found no signs of vandalism.

The UFO investigators arrived and photographed the damaged area and took samples of plants and of the blue-green substance. When the photographs were later processed they found that the twenty foot area had a blue tint, not noticed before. When the substance was tested, it was found to contain sand and an oily silicon-based substance of unknown composition.

The farmer had not reported the damage to police right away and was surprised to see a limousine with Arizona license plates arrive at this farm and proceed directly to the damaged area without stopping for permission or directions. Upset by the intrusion, Mr. Borda followed the limo and it's three occupants to the site and found them gathering samples. When he asked them what they were doing, he was told to return to his work as it was none of his business. For some reason the farmer could not explain, we immediately complied and returned to his work without argument.

What puzzles UFO investigators most is how these strange men knew exactly where to go when the event had not yet been reported. And also Mr. Borda's strange reaction to them ordering him
around on his own property.

After moving to an isolated cabin in the fall of 1967, a woman began sighting unidentified flying objects regularly.

After a close encounter on the 29th of January, 1968, the woman was visited by two strange men
dressed in dark coveralls. Identifying themselves as employees of the power company, the two men offered to put up the witnesses' stovepipe! The two visitors behaved very strangely, moving very slowly, with one man referring to the other as "Master."

On May 2, 1968, one of the two visitors returned, this time with another man. The two men stared strangely at the woman, who understandably did not invite them in.  

While driving along Highway 95 around 10:45 PM, July 29th, 1977, Joseph Randall Murphy the founder of the UFOlogy Society International nearly collided with a black early model Cadillac that crossed the highway right in front of him.

Murphy observed three individuals, seemingly dressed alike in black overcoats and hats. The witness slammed on the breaks to avoid a collision. The Cadillac was traveling across country, over rugged ground, making no sound. Furthermore, it did not seem to leave any tracks, flattened vegetation, or any other physical evidence.  

On October 2, 1981, Grant Breiland, along with his mother, was saying good-bye to his sister who was getting ready to drive home. At this point, Breiland observed a huge white light in the distance. His mother, sister, and the neighborhood paper boy however, were unable to see it.

Three days after the sighting, the Men In Black paid the witnesses a visit.
They first paid a visit to N.B., while he was working at a gas station. They had very blond hair, and wore dark suits. They approached the station on foot, asking N.B. for "petrol." N.B., noticed the men had no fingernails while the beings stared curiously at the change they were given for the gas (they had grossly overpaid). The men refused to give their names (store policy required attendants to ask for customer names for the receipt). The two men walked away as if "mechanically." Fifteen minutes later the strange men returned, giving back the (full) can of gas. The MIB asked N.B. where he lived, who in turn responded by only giving the men the general area of the city he lives in.

Approximately three hours later, Breiland was visited. While using a pay phone outside of the local K-Mart, Breiland was approached by two strange looking men. They wore very dark blue clothes, were very sun-tanned, had dark eyes, and lacked eyebrows and fingernails. They stared at him intensely for a moment, and then, in a mechanical, monotone voice, one of the gentlemen (without moving his lips) asked Breiland for his name, phone number, and address. Breiland refused to answer, and the men turned around, as if joined at the hip, and began to "mechanically" walk away.

Breiland watched until he heard someone repeatedly call his name. He turned around to see who it was, saw no one (in fact, the whole K-Mart parking lot was seemingly empty), and when he turned his attention back to the MIB, they had disappeared. Despite walking into a muddy field, the MIB seemingly left no footprints.

Breiland himself began to walk into the field, only to get bogged down by the mud.

That night, Breiland had a dream that he followed the men into the field, only to get abducted. In his dream, he was interrogated by the men about his UFO sighting, and was threatened. In the morning, Breiland awoke and discovered a strange red mark on his thigh.

At 9:30 on the night of October 2, 1981, a student named Grant Breiland spotted  a UFO  through the view finder of his camera at Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,  Canada. It was bright, star-like object that appeared to be an inverted, domed disc. It was
surrounded by four white lights moved around its surface. When he asked on CB radio
whether anyone on a nearby mountain could see the object, another young man replied

Three days later, Grant was approached by two very odd men dressed in strange, near-black  clothing (including their shirts, which were fastened tightly at the neck, although no buttons
were visible). They had no fingernails, deep suntans, lips the same color as the rest of their
skin, rectangular ear lobes, no eyebrows and perfect, regular teeth. They spoke to Breiland in
monotones without moving their mouths, asking his name, where he lived and what his number
was. When he refused to answer, they walked stiffly (without bending their knees) into the
rain and across a muddy field (where they left no footprints) and seemed to vanish. During the
encounter (which took place in the vestibule of a busy K-Mart store near Breiland's house),
he observed that all activity seemed to have inexplicably ceased.

 Grant apparently suffered a time loss. That night he dreamed that the strangers had abducted
him, taken him to a circular room and told him to forget his experience. The next day, he
discovered an odd, inexplicable welt on his leg. He later received crank phone calls.

A few hours earlier, the other witness had received a similar pointless visit by two weird men
(dressed identically to Breiland's visitors, also without fingernails but with extremely pale skin)
at the gas station where he worked. They asked for "petrol", grossly overpaid for it and then
brought it back unused. No car was ever seen. Dr. P. M. H. Edwards, who investigated the
affair and wrote an article for "Flying Saucer Review", also received crank calls.

A young man spotted a UFO over Victoria, British Columbia on Friday, October 2, 1981 and contacted a CUFORN consultant and set up a meeting for the following Monday.
Before the meeting, the young man went into a local mall. On stepping out of a phone booth,
he saw two odd looking men waiting to talk with him. They were standing stiff as if standing at

The men were dressed in dark clothes. Their shirts were buttoned to the collar but they wore
no ties. They had dark tan skin and dark, dull, expressionless eyes. They had short, black
hair; no eyebrows and were missing fingernails.

With a monotonous, robot-like voice, one of the MIBs asked him "What is your name?"
The young man replied "I'm not going to tell you that!" The other MIB asked him "What is
your number?." He thought it was an unusual question, as he did not say phone number. He
did not answer the question.

The two MIBs continued to stare at him in silence for a while. Then they turned in unison, like
robots and marched outside. It was raining heavily and the two MIBs walked past the parking
lot and into a nearby, muddy field. As they approach a fence on the far side they disappeared
into thin air. The young man went into the field and found they had not even left footprints. At this point, he ran to the nearest bus stop to take him home.


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