The Strange

1996 - 2001
I had a very strange dream one night.  It bothered me so much that I sought out the nationally known dream interpreter, ZenCyn to shed some light on this bizarre dream of mine.  Please be aware that ZenCyn does not freely offer her services.  If you want a dream interpretation from ZenCyn, it will cost you. 
My Strange Dream and it's interpretation:
(My words are in red) 
Man, I had this terrible dream last night.
I had to go in for brain surgery, and I don't know why, maybe to help out or
save money, I made three big cuts in the top of my skull with a hack saw
before going to the hospital.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
BRAIN SURGERY:  the brain itself processes information between our waking
life and our spiritual/unconscious mind.  Yours sounds like it is under a
large barrage of information or pressure, causing you to want to release
this pressure.  The feeling you had was one of pressure, was it not?  Or was
it of needing to release something that wasn't quite right, or dis-eased?
SURGERY is typically symbolic of restructuring taking place, or the need for it.
I noticed that you made *3* cuts, and 3 is the symbol of the Trinity...the
Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit; or mind/body/spirit.
The number 3 is supposed to be an alert that this dream has a significant
spiritual message for you.
A SAW is a symbolic tool for rebuilding that is to be used with care and
responsibility.  You might be trying to rush the process a bit too quickly.
Your mind may be expanding (hence the sensation of pressure) to make the
next level on your journey of spiritual enlightenment.  Have you been
inundated with new info lately, or has some of it really affected you in
profound ways that you have been trying hard to process?  CUTS are symbolic
of cutting away the old, no longer working belief systems, and making a
transition.  Change is stressful until we learn to take it in stride.  By
the time we conquer this lesson, I think we would qualify for sainthood.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I kept walking around getting ready to go in, and every time I bent over some
of the fluid around my brain leaked out of the big cuts. At one point, I
bent over and so much poured out, that I went to the kitchen to get a spoon
to scoop some of it up and spoon it back into my brain. I also got a
throbbing headache every time I lost more fluid from my brain.
- - - - - - - - -
A HOSPITAL is symbolic of the need for healing, or that healing is about to
take place.  No need to resist this healing; you'll only be all the better
for it, afterwards!
BRAIN FLUID LEAKING OUT:  notice that you are bending over.  Are you
 proverbially, "Bending over backwards" for anyone or to accomplish any of
your tasks?  If so, you are losing some of your opportunities for
self-growth.   Balance is needed.
KITCHEN:  a place where nurturing takes place.  Preparation for nurturing or
A SPOON can be symbolic metaphorically of being "spoon fed
information" or is another tool for spiritual nourishment.
This fluid is not referred to as blood, which normally a person would
describe seem to be referring to it as cerebral spinal fluid.  This
is the only part of the dream that concerns me a bit.  Do you have a history
of back or neck problems?  Encephalitis?  Meningo-encephalitis?  Even
calcium deposits can cause spurs that decrease cerebral spinal fluid flow.
It has been recorded that there are incidents of people realizing they had a
health problem by paying attention to the content of their dreams.  I'm not
telling you this to freak you out; simply to keep you aware of this
possibility and to be self-aware of any body changes.  If you are having
headaches of a new type/onset, you might want to get them checked out.
- - - - - -- -- - - - - - - -
Then all day today I've been having deja vu episodes and waves of
depression.  It's so "strange"!
What do you make of it???????
 - - - - - - - - -
I suggest you try to record all the deja vu incidents and write down the
time you had them, and what you were doing when you had them.  As much
detail as you can remember.  Ref the feelings of depression, try to reflect
on why, at that particular moment, you had those feelings come over you.
Was it your surroundings?  What you were doing at the time?  Wistfulness?  A
feeling of foreboding?  See if you can tie this into your dream interp, and
if you can't, next look at possible brain chemical upsets.  You may have a
serotonin imbalance, for example.  You may have taken a new medication that
affected you with this side effect.  Many drugs or foods can have these
effects, including food supplements.
- - - - - - - -
Since your dream had the number 3 in it, this is most likely a spiritual
message dream.  That is why it has affected you so powerfully.  Before you
go to sleep, ask for more guidance to help you find more answers.  Have a
notebook or tape recorder ready at the bedside so you can write/say a few
things when the opportunity arises.  You'll eventually figure it out!
Keep me posted on this, ok?
Now for my usual disclaimer....please take any interpretations as
suggestions to sift through and "try on for size," and only keep what seems
to "fit" in your situation.  If it feels true to you, go with your
intuition.  If it doesn't feel true, or off-kilter in some way, then explore
further for answers that do seem to fit.  It might take several re-readings
to understand the concept of this interpretation, so just let it sink in. My
interpretation isn't meant to be therapy or professional advice, but I sure
hope it helped!
Ultimately, each individual dreamer must decide what their own dreams mean.
Please do not take anyone's word as "gospel" if it doesn't feel right to
you, whether they have a PH.D or all the experience and fancy titles in the
world.  If it doesn't hit the mark for *you*, then it's not for you.  You'll know. 
ZenCyn (HAD) has her own website.  The Dream Emporium. (ANCIENT ARCHIVED WEBSITE ONLY)  If you want an interpretation from ZenCyn it will cost you.  ZenCyn does not give out free readings.
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